FTP Application & Tutorial

Yick Shun Printing provides an easy way for our clients to transfer computer files to us through our FTP service. The FTP server runs 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You will need either a FTP compatible internet browser or FTP client software in order to transfer the files through our server.

FTP Compatible Internet Browser

Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape are two popular browsers that support FTP. To access the FTP server, you need to type this address in the browser.


A window would pop-up and request to enter for appropriate username and password. After input the username and password, you would able to see a blank page in the browser. That means you have successfully logged in. Now you can start uploading files by dragging the files from your desktop into the browser window. When the file icon appears in the browser that means it has been uploaded successfully. Remember next time when you log in, you might not be able to see the files that you have uploaded previously even it exists in our server.

FTP Client Software,

There is certain FTP client software in the market, smart FTP and cute FTP are two popular software. Please refer to their user manual for instructions on how to implement with. Specific settings would be inputted before uploading files into our server:

Domain name/address: customer.yickshunprinting.com
upload only